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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The upcoming result

its been a while i havent post anything in this blog,i was busy on handling something else..

after about three months tired of waiting finally the spm 09 result is just around the corner..

according to some resources the result will be given on 11th march,which is only 11 days from

today..,on 8th march ill be having a jpj test for the car license..,i hope that ill pass the test and

obtain my P license before taking the result which is only three days afterwards..,i really do hope

that i could take my result by driving a car to my school..,insyaAllah..,pray for my success on

passing the test and obtaining a good result in SPM..,amin~

3 Curahan Pendapat Teman??:

Hifzhan Arimi said...

good luck semua..
insyaAllah straight A+

Фахми ファーミ فهمي said...

i thght it's on 16th of March??

Anonymous said...

insyaAllah success result will be with u..

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