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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ada bakat ber-poem bai,

As i look through my posts before,
I could see,
How times had changed us,
Including me,
All the acting of these past few years,
Sadness and Sorrow,
Happiness and Gay,
I really do wish,
that they will return,
someday somehow,

saat2 ku mengarang cetusan idea di cerebral hemisphere,

The system had educated us,
THEY taught us,
how to live a normal life,
the route had been given,
we had been chosen,
to become THEIR slave,
while we are working hard enough,
THEY just wait,
and wait,
while planning their agenda,
for us,
to give fortune for them,
this is not the way it should be,
the path had been programmed well,
like a Natural killer,
of the large T-lymphocytes,
But Wait,
THEY are the 'natural killer',

This post is specially written,
for those who opposed,
or disagreed,
or even actually realize,
that we are,
Wasting our time,
doing such a wasteful chores,
such as reading this entry(haha),

just spend a minute of your life,
to think about what you had done,
either they are beneficial,
or NOT at all,
"al waktu kassaif",
time is like blade,
if you win,it loose,
but if you lost,it will cut you,
just be conscious and aware,
on every steps you will take,
in the future,
Manage them well,
and succeed on every matter of aspects,
Spend you precious time wisely,
Begging the God,
will not give you,
the time you had lost,

As for my brothers,
and sisters,
please behave yourself,
ashamed on you,
for causing those troubles,
let us awake,
and help each other,

written by Hifzhan himself,

p/s-aku tulis ni,
bukan saja2 nak buang masa,
kalo ampa paham betoi2,
poet ni,
mmg banyak maksud tersirat dia,
ala2 macam william shakespeare ah,
aku harap,
depa dpat amek iktibar,

5 Curahan Pendapat Teman??:

Anonymous said...

haha,ayat penuh makna dan indah,
bakat terpendam ni,HAHAHAHA,

Blakê said...

ini menggelabah namanya

Blakê said...

ok, aku dapat dah iktibar dia

dayanaazhar:) said...

happiness and gay :) apa tuh? hehe.

Anonymous said...

I love you Hifzhan.

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